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Oregon Approves A Ban On The Sale Of Gasoline And Diesel Cars From 2035

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Oregon Approves A Ban On The Sale Of Gasoline And Diesel Cars From 2035

Oregon has become the fourth U.S. state to approve a ban on the sale of gasoline and diesel-powered cars from 2035.

The move is part of efforts on the part of Oregon’s authorities to reduce emissions by 50 percent by 2035 and further by 90 percent by 2050.

The transport sector generates some 40 percent of the state’s emissions, The Oregonian noted in a report on the news. To combat these, the Oregonian authorities, following the example of California, will also set a net-zero car sales quota for carmakers present in the state.


The quota, covering plug-in hybrids, battery electric vehicles, and hydrogen fuel cell cars, will be 35 percent of all sales for 2026, rising to 100 percent by 2036.

Besides Oregon, California, New York, and Washington have also approved bans on the sales of internal combustion engine cars, all from 2035. That year appears to be attractive as it would perhaps give carmakers enough time to produce enough electric vehicles and hybrids.

The three states are planning generous financial support for this move away from internal combustion as a mode of transportation.

Sales of new ICE cars after 2035 will still be allowed but the cars would need to be purchased out of state. Sales of used ICE vehicles will also be allowed, in the state.

There are more states that are mulling over a ban on petroleum-powered vehicles, inspired by California’s efforts in that respect, adopting the state’s clean energy standards, which are the most stringent in the United States.

Similar plans are in place in Europe, too. The UK was the first to approve a ban on gasoline and diesel cars, and it was even more ambitious in these plans than California: the UK ban is set to come into effect in 2030.

The European Union soon followed suit, recently approving plans to ban the sales of ICE cars from 2035. The move aims to reduce emissions from the car manufacturing sector to 100 percent by that year.

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